Saturday, November 28, 2009

“The Battle Against Dysentery II: The Revenge of Cholera!”

Starting Today at noon, the Geeks With Issues will once again be hitting the virtual trail -- Oregon Trail, that is. For 24 hours straight, the Geeks will hunt 8-bit squirrels, ford electronic rivers, and try to avoid cholera, all while raising money for some outstanding charities. And you can be a part of it! Just make a pledge!
Please check out for information about the event, the charities, and how to donate.

To help get people enthused for this event, Tough Love Knitters is participating in a special give-away. The lucky chosen viewer will get a custom-made, knitted, "geek craft" item. This can be anything the winner wants!* A hat, gloves, pillow, Nintendo DS cozy! I will work with the winner to design something he or she will really love.
To get involved, just go to and join the live chat. You can also send an email to, saying you want to be entered.
No pledge necessary to enter (though, of course, we would appreciate it).

Some examples of knitted "geek craft" are below:

NES Controller Tissue Cover

Ninja Turtle Beanie

Character Dolls

Dice Bag

Pac Man Scarf

Please consider donating to "The Battle Against Dysentery"!

* max $30 for raw materials