Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby Converse Booty

Baby Converse Booty

Converse Booty Pattern

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White (w) and Purple (p)

This pattern is for the right shoe (with the Converse star on the right side)

Needles: Size 3
Yarn Used: Patons Grace (DK weight)

Cast on 31 (w)
Row 1: K31 (thread tail)
Row 2: K1, make 1, K14, make 1, K1, make 1, K14, make 1, K1 (35 stitches)
Row 3: K35
Row 4: K2, make 1, K14, make 1, K3, make 1, K14, make 1, K2 (39 stitches)
Row 5: K39
Row 6: K3, make 1, K14, make 1, K5, make 1, K14, make 1, K3 (43 stitches)
Row 7: K43
Row 8: K4, make 1, K14, make 1, K7, make 1, K14, make 1, K4 (47 stitches)


Attach purple; keep white attached
Row 9: K47 (p), carrying white 2/3 of the way across.* Thread purple tail.

ConverseBooty (3)

Row 10: P13 (p), P21 (w) while carrying purple across, P13 (p; continue carrying purple across the middle until row 18)
Row 11: K13 (p), K21 (w), K13 (p)
Row 12: P14 (p), P19 (w), P14 (p)
Row 13: K14 (p), K19 (w), K14 (p)
Row 14: P15 (p), P17 (w), P15 (p)
Row 15: K15 (p), K17 (w), K15 (p)
Row 16: P15 (p), P17 (w), P15 (p)

ConverseBooty (4)

Row 17: K15 (p), [SSK decrease] 4 times (w), K1 (w), [K2tog] 4 times (w), K15 (p) (39 stitches)
Row 18: P39 (p)
Cut white and thread.
Row 19: K13, starting with the next 2 stitches cast off 14, K12 (13 stitches on each side)

ConverseBooty (5)

“Star Side”
Starting with the wrong/purl side:

Row 1: P11 (p), attach white, P2 (w)
Row 2: K2 (w), SSK (p; left slant decrease), K9 (p) (12 stitches)
Row 3: P10 (p), P2 (w)
Row 4: K2, SSK (p), K8 (p) (11 stitches)
Row 5: P9 (p), P2 (w)
Row 6: K2 (w), K3 (p), K3 (w), K3 (p)
Row 7: P2 (p), P5 (w) carry p, P2 (p), P2 (w)
Row 8: K2 (w), K1 (p), K7 (w) carry p, P1 (p)
Row 9: P1 (p), P7 (w) carry p, P1 (p), P2 (w)
Row 10: K2 (w), K1 (p), K7 (w) carry p, P1 (p)
Row 11: P2 (p), P5 (w) carry p, P2 (p), P2 (w)
Row 12: K2 (w), K3 (p), K3 (w), K3 (p)
Row 13: P9 (p) carry w across, P2 (w)


Row 14: K2 (w), K9 (p)
Row 15: P9 (p), P2 (w)
Row 16: K11 (w)
Row 17: P11 (w)
Row 18: K11 (w)
Cast off purling
Cut purple, thread. Cut white, thread.

“Non-Star Side”
Starting with the wrong/purl side:

Row 1: Attach white, P2 (w), attach purple, P11 (p)
Row 2: K9 (p), K2tog (p), K2 (w) (12 stitches)
Row 3: P2 (w), P10 (p)
Row 4: K8 (p), K2tog (p), K2 (w) (11 stitches)
Row 5: P2 (w), P9 (p)
Rows 6-15: StSt (p), carrying the white across row 15
Row 16: K11 (w)
Row 17: P11 (w)
Row 18: K11 (w)
Cast off purling
Cut white, leaving a tail long enough to sew the white rows up the back.
Cut purple, leaving a tail long enough to sew the purple rows up the back.

ConverseBooty (6)


Cast on 6 (p), leaving a 6 inch tail
K all stitches for about 24 rows.

Row 25: K3, make 1, K3 (7 stitches)
Row 26: K3, make 1, K4 (8 stitches)
Row 27: K4, make 1, K4 (9 stitches)
Row 28: K4, make 1, K5 (10 stitches)
Attach white, cut purple
Row 29: K10 (w)
Row 30: P10 (w)
Row 31: K10 (w)
Cast off purling
Cut white and thread, thread purple

Using tail of tongue, sew the tongue to the underside of the toe of the sneaker. Keep the thread under the row 19 cast off of the sneaker. When you get the end of the bottom of the tongue, begin sewing the edge of the tongue to the edge of the sneaker, attaching it to the purple stitches just next to the white seam. Attach about ¾ of the way up.
Repeat on other side of tongue.

ConverseBooty (11)

ConverseBooty (10)

ConverseBooty (13)

ConverseBooty (14)

ConverseBooty (16)

Converse Star

Using a double strand of purple yarn, embroider a star onto the white circle.
Tie, cut, and thread.


ConverseBooty (18)


Sew up the back of the booty using the whipstitch (not invisible). You could also use a mattress stitch (invisible) if your edges are clean enough. Use white for the top 3 rows and sole, and purple for the rest.

Using a double strand of white yarn with tapestry needles on each end, lace up the booty through the white seams. Start at the edge of the Row 19 cast off and work up to just before the white rows.
Put scotch tape around the ends of the laces to secure.

ConverseBooty (26)

* to carry it across the row, wrap the yarn you are threading around the yarn you are knitting. Alternate the direction you wrap the yarn to keep the yarns from tangling.

For variations on this pattern, see Yankee Booties.

Babies, Babies, Everywhere

There's nothing else to do in Summer, apparently. I guess, in the Resession climate, it's the cheeper than going to the movies.
. . . I have 5 friends/colleagues whose babies are due in March/April/May of 2010.

My husband's boss, Rosa, is due with her first in March.
Kay at work is due with her first in April.
Laurie and John are due with their first in late April.
Tucker and Cassie are due with their second - Caleb Liam - in late April, early May.
Elynor and Rick are due with their first - Margaret Janine - in late May.

Better get that booty assembly line moving.

My favorite baby gifts:

Converse Booties
converse booty (3)

Mary Jane Booties
mary jane booty (5)

Basic Sweater Pattern (to which I can add a personal touch for mom and dad)
Baby Sweater (1)
The N Baby Hoodie (5)

I find these more fun than baby blankets. And they knit up pretty quickly.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Geek Craft Winner!

Congratulations to Kendra, the winner of a custom-knitted geek craft from Tough Love Knitters! Not only did she donate to the Geeks with Issues Battle Against Dysentery II: Revenge of Cholera, Kendra went above and beyond with her generosity and brought the Geeks coffee in the wee hours of the morning. She revived their spirits and AND their bodies!
Kendra has decided that she wants a "Jayne Hat" from Firefly.

I am a HUGE Firefly fan, so I am totally on board with this! A quick Ravelry search revealed that we are not the only knitting/Firefly fans out there. I think I will use this Smariek Knits pattern, only with some darker colors (more of a brick red, burnt orange, and mustard yellow)

Kendra also wants some arm warmers, so I think I'll go with something like this, with the warm colors:

I think it will be a really cute set!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get these to her by Christmas, but now I have a great project to work on over my holiday break (yea vaca at mom's!).

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am currently going crazy for Crocheted snowflakes!
My plan is to give some away as ornaments, and turn some into giant snowflake wreaths.
As of tonight, I am up to 36 separate flakes.

My Knitting on TV!!!

I have now reaching the Public Access audience! Even though I've had my knitting on TV before, this time it will actually be credited to ME!
During the Geeks with Issues Battle Against Dystentery, they had my almost-finished Mario Pillow up in the background.

My Mario pillow on TV!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Flickr Organizing

Ah, I love time off. I am spending Thanksgiving at my mother's house in Massachusetts, and I'm taking this down-time to organize my Flickr.
Originally, I had one Set for "Knitting", and one Set for "Crochet". I have now created a Collection for "Knit and Crochet," in which I have added sets for each of my knitting and crochet projects for categories. Much easier to find what I'm looking for.


“The Battle Against Dysentery II: The Revenge of Cholera!”

Starting Today at noon, the Geeks With Issues will once again be hitting the virtual trail -- Oregon Trail, that is. For 24 hours straight, the Geeks will hunt 8-bit squirrels, ford electronic rivers, and try to avoid cholera, all while raising money for some outstanding charities. And you can be a part of it! Just make a pledge!
Please check out http://www.geekswithissues.com/charity for information about the event, the charities, and how to donate.

To help get people enthused for this event, Tough Love Knitters is participating in a special give-away. The lucky chosen viewer will get a custom-made, knitted, "geek craft" item. This can be anything the winner wants!* A hat, gloves, pillow, Nintendo DS cozy! I will work with the winner to design something he or she will really love.
To get involved, just go to http://www.geekswithissues.com/charity and join the live chat. You can also send an email to tuck@geekswithissues.com, saying you want to be entered.
No pledge necessary to enter (though, of course, we would appreciate it).

Some examples of knitted "geek craft" are below:

NES Controller Tissue Cover

Ninja Turtle Beanie

Character Dolls

Dice Bag

Pac Man Scarf

Please consider donating to "The Battle Against Dysentery"!

* max $30 for raw materials

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Knitted Barack Obama

Knitted Barack Obama

Knitted Barack Obama

Knitted Barack Obama

Knitted Barack Obama

See Knitted Boyfriend for basic doll pattern.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Knitted Boyfriend

Last year, The N, a Nickelodeon channel, created several winter/holiday themed promos featuring knitted objects. Knitted presents, knitted network logos, knitted ninjas throwing snowballs. They approached me to create a Knitted Boyfriend.

Knitted Boyfriend (16)

Knitted Boyfriend (10)

Knitted Boyfriend (13)

Knitted Boyfriend (9)

The Video of the final spot is here!


I tried to keep track of the pattern as I went, but it got so complicated, I couldn't keep up.
A few notes though:

The yarn was a sport weight, and I used size 4 double-pointed needles.

The basic concept and shape was based on Kimberly Chapman's "Little Dudes", see here:
I started with the shoes, based on a baby booty pattern, and worked up each let separately in the round. I stopped every few inches to stuff the body with cotton. I joined the legs together around where the crotch would be, and widened it a little.
I added the detailing on the fly and the pockets at this point.
I then switched to the sweater color and worked about 2 or 3 rows in the round.
This was the important part, and where I ultimately lost track of the writing down the patter.
I separated the front of the sweater from the back and sides. Trying to do it in the round caused the argyle sections to tug and bunch. I worked the argyle pattern up the front of the sweater, and separately worked the back and sides of the sweater. I added the pink lines to the argyle, then used an invisible stitch to attach the front and back of the sweater.
Now, the shoulders were really tricky, and I can't quite explain it. I think I sewed up both sides all the way to the top, joined the front of back of the sweater, and decreased.
The arms are made in the round, starting with the hand color and switching to the sweater color. Stuff it along the way. At the top, instead of decreasing it, I sewed each stitch onto the side of the body and shoulder.
Before decreasing down to the neck, make sure to stuff the body.
I decreased and switched to white for the undershirt color, then switched to the skin color. A few rows of the neck, then increase evenly around to make the head. I think I had the stitches across 4 needles, with the face section in the middle of one needled (so it doesn't show any lines or increases), and increased at the end of each needle.
Then for the back of the head, as I was decreasing for the top, I switched to the hair color, so the hair blended in better. Stuff the head as before you close.
I did the eyes and face features after it was closed on the top, but it might be easier to do them before you close.
For the hair, I cut 2-inch lengths of yarn and tied them into the "scalp". When I had filled the head, I wet all the hair and "styled" it (straightened pieces and placed them where I wanted them), and then cut it to the length I wanted.

For more dolls, see later posts for "Barack Obama" and "Michael Phelps".

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Blog!

Hello All!

I have been looking for place to store some of my knitting patterns and updates. I am an avid user of Ravelry.com, but because it's a private site, I can't share any of my custom patterns and projects with non-users. This blog will be a place for my personal patterns, project updates, and awesome knitting things that I have collected!