Sunday, July 28, 2013

All aboard the Baby Gift Train

Two of my co-workers at TeenNick/NickMom are due around the same time, so I made them cute onesies so they can brag to all their new mom-friends about 1) their awesome job, and 2) their incredibly crafty co-worker.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Using my Crafting for Good

Not that it's usually for evil, but you know.

A co-worker is pregnant and due in a few weeks. She's been on bedrest for MONTHS already, so she did not have a chance to do any childbirth ed or breastfeeding classes. As a self-proclaimed Lactivist, I felt a strong desire to help out as much as I could.

Lately I've been giving my child-bearing friends a "Postpartum Survival Kit" as their baby gift -- things they'll need in those first few weeks that no one remembers to tell them about. Things like Overnight Maxi Pads (because the ones the hospital gives you are crap), hemorrhoid pads (cause let's face it, you don't want to have to ask the guy at CVS where they are), and those cotton multi-purpose pads (cause they're awesome). Depending on the mom, I'll also include breastfeeding stuff -- breast pads, nipple cream (because you can never have enough, and it's sort of expensive), those microwave sterilization bags (cause boiling water is HARD!) Sometimes I'll get stuff off their registry, and usually I knit them something too. Sometimes I'll put it in a little basket that can double as a portable diaper caddy, but I didn't get around to that this time.


This time I went one further. Because my friend wasn't able to do any education (and actually seems to be a little overwhelmed to do research on her own) I decided to make a really easy Breastfeeding Cheat Sheet. I made six 3x4" cards (front and back), and put all the basic information one would need to know to get started -- positions, latch "rules", common problems and what to do, and the number for a Lactation Consultant and the local LLL chapter.



I feel really good about including this in her Survival Kit, and I hope she'll find it useful.

... Plus I got to use my laminator, which alone makes it a good. day.