Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Knitting Diet

Recession Aggression Bag

So, I love this ad. I used to see it on Hulu every day (I have a slight addiction to The Daily Show, but can't manage to stay up and watch it in real time). I only recently noticed that the "small business owner" owns a yarn shop. made me smile.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knitting Stop-Motion

AWWW!!! Knitting Stop-Motion commercial.
(Snagged from

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Steelers Letterman Jacket

Baby Steelers Letterman Jacket

Baby Steelers Jacket - front (1)

Baby Steelers Jacket - Back

This was made for Baby Kay+Rob. I work with Kay at Nickelodeon, and she said her husband is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers Fan. I've been on a roll making sports-themed baby gifts (Yankees Booties, Red Sox Socks) and I wanted to try something a little more challenging.

I have to give credit to "Lifesastitch" for help with the letterman jacket style and coloring. Also the idea for the buttons came from her.

I based the color scheme and logo off of the letterman jackets I found here.

I drafted the logo pattern in Photoshop. I LOVE doing this. While the ratio is not always perfect (knitted stitches are rectangular, not square), I find drawing on the computer a great way make intarsia and pictures patterns. I zoom in until I am at the pixel level and turn on the grid. Then I can use the pencil tool to fill in the pixels and draw my design. Then I take a screenshot of the pattern and paste it into a Publisher or Word document, and Print!

Steelers Letterman Jacket - pattern

Finally, the buttons came from MJ Trimming in New York. I was hoping for brown footballs, but this is all they had. Still so cute!!!

Baby Steelers Jacket - Buttons (1)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Gift Update

I'm almost done with the Steelers Letterman Jacket. I just need to finish the 2nd sleeve and find some buttons. Maybe some little football buttons! I'm going to head to MJ trimmings this week; on their website I found some super cute sports-themed buttons!


I also want to make this baseball beanie to go along with the Red Sox Socks.

It's just a basic beanie with red stitching. I don't even think the parents are baseball fans, but I just LOVE it!!!