Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Carrier

I've always wanted R to wear a baby doll. I think it says something about the world when a man wears a baby. My man wears his baby, and my baby will wear his baby as a man. We're being the change over here.

I've gotten R to wear his baby a few times.

Babywearing Baby



I decided that he should have a Mei Tai carrier like his one for his birthday.

There are a few patterns online, but this one looked the best and most helpful.


I spent an entire evening on Bevery Fabrics (a night well spent, I think!) and picked out these fabrics.

For the straps, Kona Cotton - Turquoise:
Kona Cotton Fabric Solids - Turquoise

For one side of body, Spring Street - Raindrop
Spring Street Cotton Fabric - Light Blue

For the reverse side of body, Roar Cotton - Lion Toss Burmuda
Roar Cotton Fabric - Lion Toss - Bermuda

Of course, days after I placed the order, they wrote to say the Raindrops one was out of stock. Great.
After a great many tears, I swapped it with Spring Street Cotton - Green (same company, so the colors are close).

Spring Street Cotton Fabric - Green

I took a day off from work to put it all together (since I can't seem to get my act together to sew any other time, plus it gets really dark in here in the evenings). Now, I took a ton of pictures of the process, because I was so proud of myself for officially following a pattern, but I can't seem to find any of them. There was a crisis with a corrupt SD card at one point, so I think that's where they went. :(

But I do have pictures of the finished product!


Rowan's 2nd Birthday


Babywearing Toddler (2)

Babywearing Toddler (1)

He knew exactly what to do with it when he opened it! He started saying "Max! Back!" and pointing to his back!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Matchbox Car Parking Garage

So I have a little boy. He plays in dirt and scrapes his knees and LOVES LOVES LOVES Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. His 2nd birthday was all about trains, and now my house is overcome with very tiny modes of transportation that need to be wrangled.


Here is how we WERE storing the cars and things, in a "Cars and Guys" bin.

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (2)

I wanted something like this:

Some other DIY found on the internets:

So here are some of the things I have lying around the house:

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (1)
(these are such sturdy boxes, I hate to throw them out)

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (3)
(There are from the dog food shipments)

Now, what I don't want is saggy shelves like these, which is what you get when you just use tape (as I found with my cardboard play kitchen).

But I had this great idea! Poke holes and use shish-kabob skewers as reinforcement.

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (4)

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (5)

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (7)

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (8)

Note: Watch out for those sharp pointy ends! I accidentally left this unfinished on the floor, and little boy decided he needed to walk between it and the couch and wound up with some nasty scratches on his legs :(

Cut ends of skewers and tape to box, then tape bottom of shelves to skewers.

Now, Parking Garages need ramps of course. I cut off the box flaps and fashioned a few crude "outdoor" ramps -- I don't think the child is "gentle" enough for inside ramps.

I cut some car-sized holes in the sides and attached a ramp to each level (tape to inside of box).

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (10)

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (11)

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (12)

To finish, park Cars (and planes, trains, boats, etc.)!

Matchbox Car Parking Garage (13)

I'd like to paint it or cover with a fun-colored tape or something, but we'll see how it holds up first.

** Update. 6/30/13 **

The shelves fell down a few times, so I reinforced with duct tape around the edges. Then I covered the entire thing with duct tape. It's pretty sturdy now.

Cardboard Parking Garage

Cardboard Parking Garage

Cardboard Parking Garage

Cardboard Parking Garage

Cardboard Parking Garage