Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting in Shackles

So fun fact about newborns -- they are a big little bundle of needs. I've spent much of my time in my rocking chair, with baby either eating or sleeping on top me. So I've gotten more knitting done than I was planning. Plus, the last few Sundays have been "daddy days", where Chris holds him all day and I get to do things with two hands.

First, I've tried to get back on track with my Alphabet Blanket. I had a whole plan laid out, which included finishing a bunch and assembling during my two weeks off of work before the due date. Then baby arrived 3 weeks early. oops.

In fact, I was attempting to knit "Q" during labor . . . I didn't get very far. But since then, I've finished 

Blanket Square, Q  Blanket Square, Zero  Blanket Square, E
Blanket Square, J  and  Blanket Square, U

I've got 6 more left to go before I start assembling!

I also had an urge to make a Breast Hat . . . because my neighbors aren't horrified enough that I nurse him in public.


Boobie Hat!

I'm surprised that I don't have more knitted things for him. I hope to make toys for him someday. These popped up on facebook yesterday:

Image of Little Lion Sock Critter

Image of Elephant Balloon Animal

Image of Francis the Fish