Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tank Top Bag

Via Pinterest:

TO DO: Dig out the old "retired" tank tops and make some of these really cute totes

Mine's not quite as cute or different looking, but it's done.

I have a big box of clothes that done fit. I'm not quite "Old Navy" shape anymore. I've got momma boobs and grown-up lady hips, and while I've lost the baby-weight and more, I'm just not the same shape anymore. Big whup. Weight is just a number. But I'd like to have clothes that fit. My former Old Navy clothes have two problems -- L tops fit the boobs but swim on the shoulders and arms, M tops are too tight on the boobs but fine everywhere else. Tops that fit both the boobs and the shoulders are too short on the stomach (because of the bobs). I've always had a problem with pants -- 10 is fine on the hips, but sags on the ass; 8 is great on the butt, muffin-tops on the hips.

While I search the web for "clothes big boobs thin" and filter through the porn hits, I'm trying to figure out what to do with that box of clothes. Some tops that are too big I could take in on the waste -- I've done that on a few tank tops this summer. I have a few things Pinned and it doesn't seem hard. The tops that are too short, however, will either be donated or sent to the fabric stash (while it's reasonable to believe that I could lose weight and fit into smaller pants someday, it's unlikely that my boobs will shrink enough to fit some of these tops again -- not if my nursing toddler has anything to say about it).

So part of my daily pinning has been sewing patterns. I found the above a few weeks ago, and when I went through my closet today for filled that infamous box, I found a few things that might work.

I loved this shirt. It was so sweet and summery, but it's gathered at the bottom and rides up now that I have functional boobs. It seemed like a good candidate for the tank-to-bag conversion.

Step 1: Turn inside out and fold so the tank straps are together like handles.


Step 2: Sew along bottom and shape as needed (I didn't fold up to make pockets, this one was a little too short).


Step 3: Turn right-side out and go shopping.


Couch Fixin'

I was finally able to sew something from start to finish, without the baby yelling at me (too much).

Problem: The cushion on the couch/futon slides down when you sit on it, and after a while it's half way down the frame.

Problem - Cushion falls down

Other problem: The bottom of the cushion is then half way off the end, leading to baby and puppy tumbles.

Other Problem - bottom fall down too

Goal: Put ties or straps on the top to attach it to the back, like this.

Goal - I want it to look like that

Fabric: Chris generously donated a t-shirt for the cause.

Chris generously donates his old T-Shirt to the fabric stash

Step 1: Cut it up


Cut 8 3"x13" strips

I decided I needed 4 sets of traps. I cut 8 strips each about 3" x 13".

Step 2: Sew each strap in half to make a tube.

Figure out how to use your sewing machine

Sew strip into tube (inside out)

Step 3: Cut yourself on the needle and bleed on the fabric (optional).

Oops. Don't cut yourself.

Step 4: Turn tube right-side out.

I tried a few ways of doing this.
First I sewed up the side and then across one end, folding it and "hemming" it. I pushed the end through the tube and turned it rightside out just by pushing. This was difficult but worked in the end.

Tried hemming one end, meh.

Turn Tube Right-Side Out

Then I tried sewing down the side and just across the end without hemming. I still had issues turning it right-side out.

Then I tried sewing across and THEN down one side, leaving long thread tails on the corner. If I left a very small hole where I started (by NOT doing a reinforcement stitch backwards), I could fit a tapestry needle through the whole and putt the tails inside and through the tube. Grab the needle and threads and pull. Much easier to turn right-side out.

Use threads to turn right-side out

Thread tails back through tube and out the other side

Step 5: Measure, pin, and sew straps to mattress cover.

Tip: Measure the couch frame, not the cover. Because I wasn't sure where the edges of the cover fell when on the mattress, and because the edges were curved, I measured from the center of the futon frame and then from the center of mattress cover.

Attach to Mattress Cover

Attach to mattress cover

I reinforced the strap with diagonal stitches and double zig-zags on the ends.

Criss-Cross stitches for support

Step 6: Put cover back on mattress and tie off.

Tie around top of futon

Tie around top of futon bas

Looks Good!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Brainstorming

Oh boy, there are so many babies coming soon! I have a running list in my phone that I just add to when someone else tells me there's a new family member cooking.

Baby Eleanor (Kerri + Dan) is making her way out soon.

Baby Rana from Nickelodeon is coming in October, along with another that I probably shouldn't know about.

November finds baby boy Porter and baby girl Guerrero.

December brings baby boy Androlli.

January brings one more that hasn't been officially announced, so I will list no names here.

Now I have to decide who gets real presents and who gets BRU gift cards.

Obviously baby Eleanor is super special and will continue to be the recipient of all my creative juices. So far she has ...

Princess Leia Hooded Towel

Princess Leia Hooded Towel

Rebel Washcloth

I have so many more ideas for a cutie little girl that needs spoiling ...

Little grey spring dress, someone needs to have a little girl

Knitted Jacket

Rows 'o Ruffles Dress

And baby Androli probably needs to having something fun (and I don't think his parents read this anyway, so here goes ...)

Dad went to Notre Dame, so the sweater I've made a few times would be a good choice.

Notre Dame Jacket - Logo Intarsia

But Mom and Dad seems to argue over NFL teams, Vikings and Packers. I love the idea of a half and half jacket or jersey.

Half Packers, Half Vikings?

And there is a nifty website that will convert images to a knitting pattern grid,

Mystery January baby is also the offspring of sports-fan parents ... Yankees, Saints, LSU. I have some ideas, but it will probably have to wait until baby is announced.

It doesn't count as sewing ...

I do this a lot. I have a whole board full of super cute patterns for little girl dresses and diaper bags and all sorts of shit. And I have two boxes full of fabric and scrap clothes and stuff, just WAITING to be turned into something amazing.

170+ Bags, Purses, Pouches & Backpack Tutorials! I'll probably never make any, but I'm pinning this anyway!

But instead I'm at my desk at work. And whenever I'm home the child is there and in the way. I can't even plan out anything with him there -- he wouldn't even let me put a safety pin in my own shirt this morning. So the only time I am home without the baby is 1) if I'm sick, 2) if I take a day off, and 3) on the weekend when the baby is napping.

So the problems with the above scenarios -- 1, if I'm sick I am sick, and REALLY sick if I actually took the day off. Like vomiting or unconscious or something.
2, this would work. But most days I take the day off is for running errands or doing to the doctor and going out of town. I guess I could take the day off for the sole purpose of crafting. that would be awesome.
3) baby only naps for 45 minutes. Every once in a while he'll go an hour or 3, but that's usually at an inopportune time, like when we need to leave in 5 minutes, or when we've just arrived at the grandparents'. While it's been done, it's hard to get anything done while the baby is sleeping.

Asleep in the Back Carry

So until I'm rich enough to quit my job, or until the baby is not a baby anymore, I will continue to pin things and stash fabric. (OH! Also, I totally scored a $40 armoire on craigslist that will become my crafting closet!!! SO PSYCHED!)