Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Babies, Babies, Everywhere

There's nothing else to do in Summer, apparently. I guess, in the Resession climate, it's the cheeper than going to the movies.
. . . I have 5 friends/colleagues whose babies are due in March/April/May of 2010.

My husband's boss, Rosa, is due with her first in March.
Kay at work is due with her first in April.
Laurie and John are due with their first in late April.
Tucker and Cassie are due with their second - Caleb Liam - in late April, early May.
Elynor and Rick are due with their first - Margaret Janine - in late May.

Better get that booty assembly line moving.

My favorite baby gifts:

Converse Booties
converse booty (3)

Mary Jane Booties
mary jane booty (5)

Basic Sweater Pattern (to which I can add a personal touch for mom and dad)
Baby Sweater (1)
The N Baby Hoodie (5)

I find these more fun than baby blankets. And they knit up pretty quickly.