Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Project

So I've decided what I'm making for baby Kay+Rob. Apparently Rob is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so I'm making a baby sweater that looks like a letterman jacket.

I'm using Carole Barenys's "Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater" -- it calls for sport weight yarn, but I'm actually using Worsted weight. I'm hoping it will just end up bigger. I feel like it's always better to make a baby present too big, rather than risking it being too small.

I was inspired by lifeasstitch's letterman-style color layout (above left). And the buttons she used are ADORABLE!!! I'm going to keep the sleeves white, but the body will be black. The color will be striped with Yellow, Black, and white. I'm using these real jackets as my guide (above right). I'll put the logo on the back, but without the "steelers" letters . . . it's just too small to make the letters look good. I may embroider it later with the baby's name or initials. I'm not sure if they've named him yet (due in April).

I also geeked out with Photoshop last weekend to lay out the logo intarsia along with the increases called for by the pattern.