Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yankee Booties

Yankee Booties

Yankee Booty (6)

These are for baby Rosa+Joe, due any minute now! Rosa is a HUGE Yankees fan, and claims that Derek Jeter (#2) is her boyfriend. Now, I am a die-hard Red Sox fan, so pouring my creative juices into something so Bronx-Bomber-y was quite difficult.

I'm going to note some of the changes I made to my original pattern (Baby Converse Booty).

Part 1, Row 10:
Alternate Blue and White to make stripes, wrapping the yarn each time so it doesn't leave a gap.

Part 1, Row 17:
With the SSK and K2tog decreases, use the Blue yarn.

Part 1, Row 18:
On either side of the Blue section that you made in Row 17, increase 1 Blue stitch (41 st). This will make it possible to continue the White and Blue stripes up each side.

Part 1, Row 19:
Cast off the same number of stitches in the center, but leave 14 stitches on each side.

Leave 2 Blue stitches on the "laces" side and continue alternating White and Blue along with the decreases. Sometimes there will be more than 2 Blue stitches OR 2 White stitches in a row, depended on which color you use during the decreases. In the picture below, the booty on the left used the White during the decreases, and the booty on the right used Blue.

Yankee Booty (6) crop

I altered the top of the sides and the tongue on the second booty (on the left).
Sides, Row 15 (WS): Using only Blue, Purl all
Row 16 (RS): Purl all
Row 17 (WS): Knit all
Row 18 (RS): Purl all
Row 19: Cast off Purling

This makes it curl inward, so you can't see all the inside stitches (you can see the difference in the pictures below)

Use the same pattern for the top rows of the tongue.

Finally, instead of the Converse Star, I added the Yankee logo and a #2 (for Derek Jeter).

Yankee Booty (1) Yankee Booty (4)