Sunday, October 17, 2010

Latest way-too-big project

Alphabet Baby Blanket

Found some great Alphabet Dishcloth patterns by "Knitting Knonsense". It has all the letter and the numbers 0--9. There are also some super cute patterns for animals, states, and holiday things. All the squares are relatively the same size, so they will be perfect to sew together into a big blanket.

Like many simple dishcloth patterns, there is a purled line every other row which shows up as a pattern (ever other row is knit across, I'm not exactly sure why).

To make it a little more colorful, I am going to switch colors for the pattern instead of purling.


One issues is that the 26 letters don't make an even rectangle. So I will also include the numbers 0--9, to make it 36 blocks, 6 by 6.

blanket colors

And I think I may even have all these colors in my stash.

Last week I thought to myself, "Ok, If I make 1 square a week, I'll be done before the baby's born!" . . . and then I did some math. 1 per week X 36 squares = 36 weeks. I am currently 12 weeks along. Average 40 weeks to term - 12 = 28 weeks. hmmm . . . I may have to speed up my knitting. Good thing these are very easy.

A - done
B - done
P - half way done . . . going in order is boring.