Monday, March 21, 2011

One Year to an Organized Life . . . with Baby

I love love LOVE Regina Leeds and her book series "One Year to an Organized Life."


I picked up her "Work Life" book on the free table at my office and devoured it. Lots of good times for leaving your work at work, and leaving your desk not in shambles. I ran out and got the original "Organized Life" book, and while I don't think I made it all the way through, it did help a bit while packing for the Big Move last summer. In general, her tips are really simple and easy to implement. The idea of changing your world over a year is way more manageable than throwing all the tips at you and expecting them to stick. Every month has a set of habits, and every week has one project, broken down over a few days, to gradually get your life back in order.

The Simple Mom blog recently had a giveaway for "One Year to an Organized Life with Baby", and I was surprised at myself that I hadn't already picked it up., a the next day, I had it in my hand. Technically you're supposed to get it at the beginning of pregnancy and do the steps gradually, but it's possible to use it in the throws of one's third trimester.

I am simultaneously doing my appropriate week's project (this week is "Shop for Postpartum Supplies") and reading it from the beginning. While I give myself an A+ for having done most of the big stuff already (Birth Plan, childcare, etc.) there are a few things I hadn't gotten to yet.

For example, week 9 -- Banish Paper Pile-Ups. This is meant to get my home free of the piles of mail, magazines, bills, etc that are currently living on my kitchen island. I have the theory of a filing system in there somewhere, it just doesn't get implemented, and is therefore not a system. Week 13 -- Take Care of Business. We have the Will drafted (oy, not fun), the 529 planned (Chris actually DOES think that is fun), but Life Insurance is still up in the air for me . . . a piece of advice: don't attempt CIGNA if you're ever been to a therapist. They think you're a menace to society and liable to throw yourself, your spouse, and any innocent bystanders in front of a moving train, regardless of your diagnosis, or lack thereof. Anyway . . . There was also the steps for preparing my office for my absence. I think week 13 was too early for this anyway, but the tips definitely came in handy this week. I've made more How-To documents and set up more training meetings in the last few days. Mondays are slow, so today was Cube Cleaning day -- I cleared off the bulletin board, and emptied the drawers for things that I should take home. There was a lot of junk. It's weird how gung-ho I get throwing stuff away . . . or of like a high.

Week 14 was Organize Your Closet, which I tackled this weekend. I had taken a stab at it a few months ago, and got rid of all clothing that would never fit again (the size C and D bras and size 8 pants), and put away most things that won't fit for a while. This weekend I took it one step further, tossing shoes that were warn out, clothing I haven't worn in years, and extra hats, scarves, and mittens that just take up space.
Week 20 was Organize Your Kitchen, which I will tackle this week. My kitchen is not too bad, especially because I cook a lot now. Things are in good places, but I think there are a great many items that we never use that could be given away or put away better (e.g. I loved our electric skillet, but our new stove has a griddle, so we hardly ever use it anymore. I think I may shove it in the cabinet above the fridge with Nana's china).

The next few missed weeks have to do with setting up the nursery (almost done!) and registering for baby showers (oops, too late now). I'm looking forward to the "Planning for Co-Parenting" chapter, as I think it may have some concrete techniques for Dad (what he should do when he's not allowed to feed the baby yet) and for the two-career household, before and after I go back to work (how can he help when he has to work in the AM and I don't, and then how do we deal when we BOTH have to work). After that, I think I'll be back on time, and can tackle the postpartum chapters in order.

Speaking of organizing though, this is the prettiest sight . . .

Baby Room - Almost done (5)
Baby clothes separated and put away by size

Baby Room - Almost done (4)
Diapers, Diapers, and more Diapers, ready to go!