Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A place for everything . . .

Welcome to my kitchen. Feel free to cook me something.

In the hopes that I will allow people to help me when the baby comes, I want to have my home in some semblance of order. Step 1, Map the Kitchen. It was already in pretty good shape, organization-wise; I only got rid of three or four extraneous things (the French Press coffee pot, the big tea ball thing (I don't have tea kettle/pot, so I would never make a whole pot of tea), and the broken cheese cutter).

I put everything away in its place and photographed it. I can keep this little manual on the fridge so no one need ask me, "Hey where do you keep the ____?"

Kitchen Map1

Kitchen Map2

Kitchen Map3

Kitchen Map4

Kitchen Map5

Kitchen Map6

Kitchen Map7

Kitchen Map8

Kitchen Map9

Kitchen Map10

Kitchen Map11

Kitchen Map12

Kitchen Map13