Friday, June 24, 2011

Alphabet Blanket, Update

All the squares are done!!!

Alphabet Squares

Blanket Square, B Blanket Square, B  Blanket Square, C  Blanket Square, D  Blanket Square, E  Blanket Square, F 
 Blanket Square, G  Blanket Square, H  Alphabet Blanket Square, I  Blanket Square, J  1000000072  Blanket Square, L  
Blanket Square, M  Blanket Square, N  1000000075  Blanket Square, P  Blanket Square, Q  Blanket Square, R  
Alphabet Blanket Square, S  1000000073  Blanket Square, U  Blanket Square, V  Blanket Square, W  Blanket Square, X  
1000000074  Blanket Square, Z  Blanket Square, Zero  Blanket Square, 1  Blanket Square, 2  Blanket Square, 3 
 1000000076 Alphabet Blanket Square, 5  Blanket Square, 6  Blanket Square, 7  Blanket Square, 8  Blanket Square, 9

Now just to assemble . . . I'm guessing that will take another year.


BethMcD said...

Hurray! I would love to help if you need any so we can get that baby together. The letters look great!