Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back on the baby train!

No no, not having another baby. God help me, this one is tricky enough. No, it's time to get back on the Baby Gift Knitting Circuit!

Clark and Brian, friends of my co-worker Emily, are having babies!!! I am seriously SO excited for them, I can't contain it! Their surrogate is in India, pregnant with TWINS!!! They head out to India in early October and will be there until all the paperwork in processed; hopefully by November they will have their two babies back to Brooklyn! They know one of the babies is a boy, but are not sure about the other; they're hoping that during the next ultrasound the babies will give them some full-frontal shots!

Emily is in charge of the baby blankets, so I think I'm going to make hoodies. I came across this pattern . . .

Image of Storybook Baby Hoodie

and it looks pretty straight-forward. Also, I found this person's variation . . .

and I LOVE the stripes. So I think I'll make matching sweaters, and the accent color of one will be the main color of the other.

I took a half day last Friday and took myself to Michaels (yea!). I wanted "slightly" gender-neutral colors, since we don't know the sex of one of the babies. I went with:

Dusty Blue
Click to view detail of 860-108
and Beige.
Click to view detail of 860-123

They're both a little "boy"-ish, but I think they'll look good as a set.

If I have yarn leftover, I'd also love to do matching hats with both colors. I'm not as inclined to do booties anymore, since after having my own squirmy child, I realize how much of a pain socks/booties are. It may be different if you have a baby during a cooler season, but I was glad it was warm enough that I hardly ever had to put socks on him (so far).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Update: Alphabet Blanket

So I decided that each square needed a boarder, so technically my last post about them being done was a lie. But NOW they're done!


Now it's time to assemble! I'm crochetting them in rows. One issue, I have to stitch them in reverse (not A, B, C, but more like F, D, E, which is harder than it sounds).


I'm doing the horizontal seams first, them I'll do the vertical once they're all attached. Then once around the whole outside, then DONE!!!