Saturday, November 12, 2011

Too many projects

I have a problem. I have combined Pinterest and New Mom Brain.

Pinterest = so many fantastic ideas!!!
New Mom Brain = the inability to remember anything, like all the fantastic ideas on my list, therefore I add more. I have to update my Knitting Calendar!

**** Also, I've updated this two or three times after publishing. Seriously, mommy brain ***

Ok, projects, in "due date" chronological order ...

1) Hat for knitting group "Hat Swap"
Hat swap is due tomorrowtoday, so I have to get cracking and finish it and I just finished it last night. I've frogged it like 4 times already!

2) Winter hat for myself
(not actual photo, just haven't taken one of the finished product yet). Done. I made draft 1 of the Hat Swap hat but hated it, so I tried again with this one. Much better.

3) Thanksgiving Hat for Baby
Little Turkey
Due for Thanksgiving of course. I think I have the yarn that will work, and he's got a small head, so it shouldn't take long.

4) Baby Wearing Coat extender
Pinned Image
Due ASAP. My coat doesn't fit around the baby when I wear him in front. This is an easy extender for a coat -- just sew some buttons onto the coat (or use the existing buttons on a double-breasted coat) and knit a cozy panel with button holes. Might add a little hood too.

5) Gift for Emily
I need more yarn. It's gonna be awesome, but I need more yarn. Next weekend is Mommy & Baby's day out, so I'll pick up some then.

6) Gift for Stephanie
Same as Emily's.

7) Baby's Christmas Stocking.

Haven't decided what I want it to look like, but he definitely needs one! (my mom is big on stocking stuffers)

8) Santa Pants for Baby
Pinned Image
Not like this exactly, maybe some overall type with a black "belt" like santa.

9) Sock Monkey pants for Baby
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! But they're going to have to wait until everything else, Boo!!!

One fun discovery -- if I have a great knitting project to do on the train, it keeps me from going to Dunkin Donuts in the morning, since I can't hold my coffee and knit at the same time. So every day, knitting saves me like $3.00!