Friday, January 13, 2012

My Sewing Circle

I came across this site, My Sewing Circle, when searching for a place to organize my fabric. It is modeled after Ravelry, where I spend the majority of my day, so it has potential. It's still starting up, but I think it may help keep me organized. I've noticed that I definitely don't buy as much yarn now that I have a record of every single skein I own.

I've found a few cute patterns that I want to try.

This is for a little boy shirt made out of an adult shirt. I have a few shirts myself that I can use for this.

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I love this! I've found a few things with ties or belts sewn onto onesies. Such a simple idea!

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I think this wold be so cute. I have some old jeans that are word out between the thighs, but they fit well on the rest of me. I don't know which crochet stitch this is though.

I'm trying to not be afraid of my sewing machine.

Also, this made my day.

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