Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Planning ... Theme!

Rowan's First Birthday Party!!!
(a.k.a., "showing up every other mom")

So I'll admit, I've been planning the kid's birthday party for about 6 months. And thank god for Pinterest, or else my desk at work would be covered in rainbows and there would be no ink left in the printer.

The following will be a series of posts documenting the lengths to which I went to plan an extravagant birthday party for my 1 year-old.

Today ... Theme!

So because 1 year-olds (or 6 month-olds, when I started) don't have favorite things, I have to choose for him. MY favorite toy for him is the Xylophone I gave him for Christmas. It's wooden and colorful and simple. And not too loud.

So I thought Music or Musical Instruments could be a cool theme. Maybe a Xylophone cake!

xylophone cake  xylophone cake

Then I though, "What's the best thing about this toy?" The colors! Rainbows! And rainbows make a way better birthday theme!

Plus, I've been meaning to try this:

rainbow cake

And the more I played online, the more excited I got!


rainbow veggie platterrainbow foodInfused Water Bar?  Picnic Perfect!  At an event by Blue Plate Catering in Chicago


dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon and pop balloon when dry. awesome!

rainbow balloon banner

Party Favors:

rainbow crayons favors

music birthday


Most of these things won't actually happen, but hopefully the rainbow effect will be clear!