Monday, May 21, 2012

All My Friends Run ...

... and I think they're effing crazy. I'll admit, I wanted to run. I bought the shorts and the toe socks and the jacket that made me look like a "girl who runs". Then I started running, and it sucked. But I kept going, and it sucked a little less. But it still sucked. I don't like getting up early -- I like my bed. I don't like exercising at night - I like my post-work sweatpants time.
I did one 5K, raised some money for cancer research, and hung up my running shoes. I prefer yoga. It's quieter and doesn't make my feet hurt.

But it seems like everyone I know runs. God bless 'em. Someone has to, I suppose. My co-worker Dana ran her first half-marathon over the weekend. Again, God bless 'er. I couldn't do it. She came to me a few weeks ago and said she wanted her name on a headband so people could shout her name as she ran by. I figured I could embroider it with yarn or thread, but that seemed a little boring. No No, this lady needed some bling to go along with her "Black Girls Run" ensemble. "How do you feel about sequins?" I asked one morning? She squealed and clapped! I was on to something.

I gave her two options:

The final look:

It looks good with the medal ... :)

I like to think I played a part in her success, even though I was probably still in bed when she crossed the finish line. But if any of my other (crazy) running friends need a reason for the crowds to shout your name, give me a call. Everyone needs a little bling.