Thursday, August 1, 2013

Knitted Anatomy

During my lunchtime google-break, I may have uttered the words ... No ... Effing ... WAY!!!

That is a freaking knitted (half of a) pelvis.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!

My "knitted Childbirth Ed Doll" post has been in draft for, um, a year a half, but I'm still working on it, I swear. (Meaning that I picked up the pattern after a year, realized I had lost my place, and may need to start over, but that's still "working on it" ... also I lost one of the doll legs. It's in my house, I swear.)

I have plans for a knitted uterus/cervix/vagina, and I would LOVE to do a knitted pelvis (mainly so I don't have to buy one). I was worried it would be too difficult because what sort of pattern could I use?! Who else has done this that I can copy!? Oh, look, there's a whole blog called, and this is what she does. And it's amazing. Check out the spine. I die.

Thank you, Christa, for the inspiration. You're a knitting rock-star!