Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finger Painting as Home Decor

Ok, not all of them were finger paints. He actually uses the brushes pretty well.

Toddler paintings were a big part of our Christmas gift plan, as we were on a serious budget. Inspired by "As Time Flies" and Pinterest, we made a bunch of really cute paintings as gifts (and home decoration).

First we tried the Scotch Tape Words painting.

Canvas from Michaels (thank you 20% off coupon! Always check their site before you go. You can keep the coupon on your phone and just show it at checkout. Boom. Discount.)

Canvas Finger Paints (1)

Place scotch tape (or whatever tape you have, I guess) on the canvas in the shape of letters.

Canvas Finger Paints (5)

Then paint to your toddler's heart's content.


When dry, peel off the tape.

Canvas Finger Paints (2)

Rinse (brushes) and repeat.

Canvas Finger Paints (4)
Here we played with stickers, creating some fun shapes of different colors.

Canvas Finger Paints (3)
Here we played with texture -- sponges and a broken piece of something for scraping -- and language. I also cut the tape in half length-wise to create thinner lines (to make room for the longer word).


Next we tried the Cute Painted Phrase or Something on top of Toddler Painting painting.

(There were 7 canvases in the pack from Michaels, so we really had some fun!)

Paint. Kiddo really loves to add Black and White to his paintings, meaning they become muddy gray messes. I forced him to use brighter colors for this one (including Blue and Yellow, Go Irish).

Then I used Black and White paint to write the coordinates of where Ro was born. Awww. Adorable, I know.
I was going for something like this:

I now realize my handwriting doesn't get any better when you put a paint brush in my hand.

Father Coordinates Painting

Still cute, and my engineer husband appreciated the nerdiness.

And finally, and Inspirational Text on Canvas painting.

I knew that I could overcome the handwriting issue somehow. TO THE PINS!!!

Found this, within seconds.
and it was exactly what I was looking for.

First, of course, you paint. Thins one actually had some fingers in it.


Next, you make the text in a word document (I used MS Publisher, because I love it and I'm a rebel).
Print it out, cut out the words and arrange them on your canvas.

Letters on Canvas (1)

Rub the backside of the words with a pencil until it's covered with graphite.

Letters on Canvas (6)

Place the paper back on the canvas and color in the letters on the right side of the paper (press down really hard).

Letters on Canvas (2)

The graphite on the back will transfer to the canvas in very neat letters.

Letters on Canvas (4)

Then trace the letters with a marker or paint.


Finally, give away and/or decorate your home with your new, cheap creations. People will think you are adorable and crafty.

Gramma Robin and Grampa