Saturday, May 24, 2014

(Some of) Tough Love Knitters is now Crafted Birth

Some of you know that I recently finished my certification as a Childbirth Educator, and have started teaching classes in Northampton and Amherst (MA). I call myself Crafted Birth, since I want to help parents hand-make their best birth experience.


Because I was just starting out, I made my own demonstration materials -- a weighted birth doll, a uterus, a placenta and umbilical cord, and I'm currently working on a knitted pelvis (which, yes, is as hard as it sounds). I brought these items to a Doula networking meeting a few months ago, and a Doula friend bought one of everything! So I decided to put them up on my Tough Love Knitters Etsy page, and a Childbirth Educator from Brooklyn bought another whole set! I've pulled down the listings for now, since I'm so busy making body parts that I can't afford to have someone else order any more!

But them I started thinking ... if I'm Crafted Birth in my classes, should I be Crafted Birth on my hand-crafted birth demonstration items? ... I mean, it's right in the name. It took my marketing friend about two seconds to say, "Um, of course you need to be Crafted Birth on a knitted Uterus." "But my Etsy page--" "I don't care what it says, it doesn't make sense you be TLK on a knitted uterus, if you're Crafted Birth in class."

She was right, of course. I just didn't want to deal with "the hassle" -- which turned out to be just starting a second Etsy page, which is super easy and people do it all the time. So Crafted Birth on Etsy was born (get it?) and all my Childbirth Knitting and Crochet-ing will go there (once they expire on the TLK page). I'm very excited about it, especially because I had such a quick response to the items when I first put them up! I'm perfecting the patterns, so these are truly one-of-a-kind!

Cord and Belly Button(6)(c)

Crochet Baby - Body (4)

Placenta and Cord(5)(c)

Knitted Placenta(4)

Baby Head (Kristin) (1)

Knitted Boob (1)(c)

Knitted Baby - Latch (1))c_

Uterus (c)

New journeys!!!
Baby Head (Molly) (10)


Anonymous said...


Please could you tell me if you have the pattern available for purchase for the weighted birth doll? I would really like to buy one if possible.

Thank you.