Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sister the Suffragette Bear

You may have noticed that the last post on this blog was about being pregnant and hormonal and crazy. Well, that has resolved itself, in the form of Baby Calvin, who is now about 13 months old and sleeping slightly more like a human being. That sleep has allowed a tiny bit more knitting, just in time for another little baby's birthday bear.

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Baby Maeve turned one this week. As is my tradition, she gets a bear. And of course since plain bears are BOring, I needed to dress it up properly. Maeve's mom made about a bajillion pussy hats leading up to the Women's March in January, so my first thought was a tiny hat for the bear. But why stop there? I was a little disappointed when baby #2 turned out to be a boy, because I knew I would never get to raise a tiny suffragette. Well, Auntie Mollie is not going to let that stop her, and it's about time Baby Maeve learned a thing or two about patriarchy ... and pantsuits.


Introducing Sister the Suffragette Bear, complete with Pussy Hat, a Hillary Clinton pantsuit, and a Votes for Women protest sash.

Suffragette Bear (3)

Suffragette Bear (7)

Suffragette Bear (4)

Suffragette Bear (6)

Suffragette Bear (12)

Suffragette Bear (10)

For new visitors, these bears are from the "Best Dressed Knitted Bear" by Emma King.
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