Friday, February 19, 2010

A Knitter's New Best Friend

So for the last two weeks or so, I have had the worst pain in my right hand, wrist, and arm. I spent Super Bowl weekend designing the Red Sox Socks (starting one pattern, deciding I didn't like it, pulling it out, starting over, rinse and repeat as needed). I also work on a computer all day, and don't have the greatest posture at my desk. So every night this week I've tried to work on my new project, but can't get through more than a row and a half before my arm and shoulder start to burn! I would stop they my forearm would go numb for a few minutes. Not good.

I moved my computer around at my desk at work, trying to limit my need to lean or twist, but I might need to suck it up and call the ergonomic guy and get a keyboard tray. But in the meantime, I got myself a wrist brace.

I've been wearing it all night, and I'm a little surprised at the number of things I do at home that were probably really bad for my wrist. I can't push the buttons on my iPhone, and I'm having a hard time using the DVR remote. I'm loving it while typing and using the touch mouse on my laptop, though! I sit at the couch with the laptop either in my lap or on the coffee table, hunched over it, with my wrist on the table but my fingers up on the keypad . . . very not good. With the brace on, however, I have to sit with my arms in the right place to I can get my hands in the correct position.

We'll see for how long I can knit this weekend . . . I really want to get a good chunk of my new project done.