Sunday, May 30, 2010

May the Crafts be with You.

Not sure how it happened, but I fell down a Star Wars crafty wormhole the other day.

It started when I saw a picture of new baby Natalie wearing this super cute hat:

I asked Mom Laurie if she had the pattern, and she sent me to Cloo Gifts's Etsy Page.

I then went searching Ravelry to see if anyone had a similar pattern.

I found this, a "Kitty Cat" by Kerli. So CUTE!!!

I then came across every animal hat imaginable, including this chicken hat,
which just makes me giggle, and this Yoda Hat,
which gets me a little excited.

So, of course, I began thinking "How many other Star Wars hats are there?" The answer is, of course, billions and billions.

A few of my favorites:

I'm always looking for cute baby gifts, and I know a few people who would really appreciate these (not to mention how excited my husband would be to dress his child like Yoda).