Monday, May 3, 2010

More organizing day-dreams

Things are slow at work (things=me), so I'm running down the clock by day-dreaming about my new crafty corner (the corner of our new living room that I will slowly take over). At first, I will probably just use the 2nd bedroom. However, as my goal is to fill that room with babies as soon as humanly possible, I need to backup plan.

Also, I love Google, because you can search things like "How to organize yarn", click Image results, and your work is done.

I want the storage to be pretty, like a fancy yarn shop. When I go to yarn stores, I love the way the shelves look almost as much as I love touching the cashmere.

So I want something more like this
I love color!!!
and less like this

Just a few ideas . . .

Magazine Holders
Along the same lines, I could turn the holders around and cover them with super cute wrapping paper; this way, I could make them pretty and match-y, even if my yarn leftovers don't compliment to room's decor.

And for a cheap alternative, I can make the magazine holders out of cereal boxes. Luckily, my husband LOVES his cereal, and hopefully it will be cheaper once we move out of Manhattan ($6.50 for Cheerios! I don't think so!!!).

Hanging Canvass Shelf

Depending on where this corner ends up, I may or may not have a closet, so I'm not sure where these would hang. However, I could mount the top "shelf" to the wall, and hang it from there.

Shoe Organizer
Image a few of these stacked on top of each other, or lined up side-by-side along a wall?

And finally, this is less practical, but adorable:


MrsKinne said...

Love the turned-around magazine holders!