Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When I can buy yarn again . . .

So I'm not allowed to buy yarn at the moment. First, because my husband and I are buying an apartment and I can't justify the extra expense just because "it's so pretty!!!!" Second, I don't want to pack and carry more than I have to. We are on a trajectory to have no food in the house on move day, just so we don't have to carry any extras down to the truck. Even though yarn is light, and makes for nice padding material for fragile things (see below), I figured I should cut back.

Using Yarn as padding material
no need to buy bubble wrap!

Notre Dame sweater
I also had to be very strategic about which yarn I packed away, and so had to be strategic about which projects I could work on. I am currently working on the Notre Dame Letterman Jackets -- one is done except for the buttons, and the other I just started this weekend. But I have trouble working on just ONE project at a time! How is that interesting? And of course, every magazine and blog I read shows me all sorts of cool things I could be making, if I had the stash for it.

Like these, I want to make these so badly!

But I don't have any cotton yarn. So of course I want to run out to Michaels and pick up brightly colored cotton yarn and make these. Not for myself of course, but this would be such a cute housewarming or hostess gift. Because, really, who DOESN'T need crocheted citrusy pot holders?!


HOW GREAT IS THIS?!?!?! It reminds of a latch-hook rug I did as a kid. Took me YEARS to finish, I swear! I'm not sure I'd have the patience to cut all the little pieces of yarn though.