Thursday, June 24, 2010

I refuse . . .

. . . to throw away my magazines. It's really a problem.

Before I moved the last time (over three years ago), I consolidated my magazines into one really cool notebook. Like a Bible of all things pretty, crafty, decorate-y, delicious. It has a sections for decorating, style, tips and tricks, and beauty. I have a whole separate binder for recipes and cooking tips. But I lost my fire for it after I moved to New York three years ago, and have had a stack of Martha Stewarts, Real Simples, Luckys, Clean Eatings, Cooking Lights, and Tastes of Homes, not to mention IKEA, Webs, Lionbrand catalogues. Oy. I was able to go through all the cooking and yarn mags a month or so ago, but I have 1 year of Martha Stewart Living and 3 years of Real Simples that were just stacked in a bookshelf. I made a plan to go through them all, but it was completely overwhelming. We move in 4 days, and so there is no hope for me.

As a last resort (and to appease my husband/trick him into thinking I threw them out) I have been hiding them at the office. Every nook and cranny I can find. I genuinely plan to go through them all and add to my "bible"; it's just happening any time soon.

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MrsKinne said...

This is kind of hilarious.

Also, I can relate, because I, too, am a magazine hoarder.