Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painting Craftiness

So, it's not knitting, but I think it's pretty artistic.

I've wanted to paint walls for years. When I was a kid, we were re-doing my room and I really wanted to paint. But the wall-paper that was there was so old, and when we stripped it off, it was chopping and gross, and we couldn't paint.
After college I lived in a great apartment, but the landlord said we couldn't paint. Of course, my old roommate still lives there and wore him down -- the walls are now red! ha ha!
When C and I got married, we moved to Manhattan and rented our "post-grad chique", almost-one-bedroom. It had this amazing molding, and all I wanted to do was PAINT IT!!! ARG!!!
Last month we moved into our new, "financially-stable", adult, two-bedroom co-op. And my first order of business -- PAINT!!!!

We started with the master bedroom. I said I wanted "Anne Bolyn's boudoir with fewer beheadings."

Master Bedroom

Painting - Stripping Paint 1

Painting - Chris Stripping Paint

Painting - Edges

Coat #1:
Painting - Coat One 1

Coat #2:
Painting - Coat Two 1

We may do one more coat in the middle of the walls (not the edges, which are dark enough), because a few spots are too light.

We tackle the trim this weekend.