Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yarn Storage . . . the saga continues

So we're almost finished painting the bedroom -- just a few touch-ups here and there. And I've been trying to figure out how to dispose of the empty paint cans. But then *BING* (that's what inspiration sounds like, btw) -- am I NOT always complaining about storing yarn?

It can't be too hard to clean them out, right?


a large version of the coffee can wall:

Unfortunately, of all the crafty things in my house, I have no pretty paper. Michaels, here I come.

Also, I overheard my dear husband discussing with his buddy the "random crap in jars" phenomenon. Apparently, all women have their random pretty thing that they insist on decorating with, and that men don't understand until they move in with a women. His buddy's girlfriend has marbles and glass stones in vases and jars (quite literally random crap in jars). Chris thinks that my random crap is yarn! I of course got all in a huff about this, until he explained that it's only because it's physically impossible to utilize all of it at the same time (his definition of random crap). The yarn that is in use at the moment is not crap; the rest is. I guess I can see his logic . . . that doesn't stop me from throwing his Notre Dame/Boy Scout/Red Sox/anywhere he's every been Mugs out the window.

Now that I think of it though . . . a jar might not be a bad idea . . .

Balls of Yarn stored in large glass jar as decoration