Thursday, August 18, 2011

I would rather be knitting

There is a whole list of things I'd rather be doing than be in the middle of my commute:
- already be home
- already be at work, because even work is better than being on the subway, cause there's wifi at work
- knitting

Now, I usually CAN knit on the subway, depending on the project. Like my big alphabet blanket, I could work on the individual squares on the subway without elbowing my fellow commuters. But I couldnt assemble it, because it is ginormous. The last few projects have also been not very subway-friendly:
Clark and Brian's baby sweaters used longer needles which I could only use on off-peak hours (when I had a whole row of seats to myself), and assembling it requires some space to spread out, lest I accidentally attach the sleeve to the hood or something; the baby camouflage overalls got started off perfect (small needles and a narrow project) but once I got past the legs, it was very wide and unwieldy.

My next project, I hope, will be subway accessible. I discovered these dolls on the Stand and Deliver blog.

Image of Birthing and Breastfeeding MamAmor Doll- ORGANIC -LIZ  Image of Birthing and Breastfeeding MamAmor Doll- ORGANIC -LIZ

They are so cute, and somewhat progressive: these dolls have little snaps on the momma doll's breasts and on the baby doll's mouth, so the baby can nurse. The momma doll also has, for lack of a better euphemism, a vagina and uterus, where the baby doll can go and be born. After the initial shock of these features, I was totally smitten with these dolls and was about to buy one . . . Until I saw the price. $170.00. Christ. I mean, it's handmade, the hair is alpaca yarn, and the impact it would have on my child is priceless, but seriously? $170?

So I said what I always do when I don't feel like paying for something: "I could make that!" Plus, I've already made knitted people, and my amigurumi skills are much better than they used to be. Can't you just see this guy with boobies?

Knitted Boyfriend (17)

So I'm totally stealing this person's idea. My son will know where babies come from via a doll.