Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When it's too hot to go outside . . .

I had a Facebook status theme this weekend: "Things to do when it's too hot to go outside."


It was so hot this weekend that the electric company reduced our power to avoid a blackout and encouraged everyone to not use unnecessary electronics, so we cooperated by keeping the big TV off. These things included "organize my system discs into a binder and throw away all un-needed jewel cases" and "read a book". Also, I listed "Plan where my pictures frames will hang."

Ever since we finished painting the apartment, I've been itching to hang pictures frames. But since the paint was so fresh and beautiful, we didn't want put holes in the walls willy-nilly. We put one frame up in our bedroom to cover the big outlet/cable jack at eye level, but other than that, I really wanted to plan it out properly.

We had TONS of frames up in the last apartment, but non of them matched and many of the pictures were super old -- sorry Megan, but that photo of when we were 18 and I cut off all my hair is SUPER cute, but may not be worthy of hanging on the wall any more. I went through all the frames and separated them into black frames and brown/wood frames, decided which few were still worthy of wall-space (our wedding photo, our engagement photo, and two graduation photos).

Then I got crafty. I pulled a magazine out of the recycle bin and cut scrap paper in the shape and size of each frame.



Then I stuck these pieces of paper on the wall. This way, I could easily shift things around.




I then sent the husband around to put screws in where the big ones will hang and sticky 3M hooks where the small ones will hang . . . then the sticky hooks fell down all by themselves, so he put hook everywhere.

Hanging pictures

My office has a great deal with HP, and in our building there is a whole room full of Kiosks and prints, and we get $100 worth of free photo printing EVERY MONTH!!! I grabbed some of my favorite Rowan files and got them printed for FREE!!!


We now have pictures hanging on the wall! It only took a year after moving in!