Saturday, November 12, 2011

Santa Pants

Santa Pants

CHANDLER: Your pants!
PHOEBE: Oh, yeah! You like ‘em? I went to a used clothes store and got a bunch of maternity stuff. These are so comfortable! 
JOEY: Uhh, Pheebs, those are Santa pants.
PHOEBE: What? 
CHANDLER: Santa pants ... Santa Claus’s pants.

Santa has the best pants. Clearly, they are the most comfortable pants ever. What baby doesn't deserve some Santa Pants, especially for their first Christmas?

Goal: to make Santa Pants for the baby, perhaps with a jacket and hat . . . though, my focus will be on the pants.

Pattern: I am going to modify the overall pattern I used for his Camouflage Overalls, which I found here. I just won't do the bib, and I'll extend the suspenders so they go all the way to the belt.


Red, of course.
Will need to pick up more next weekend.

White, fuzzy. I have a few choices for this. 
This is nice and fuzzy, but a very thin (better for adding some "fur" to the edge of something, but maybe not for knitting a whole cuff)

This is very soft and thicker than the Devine, but is it too thick?

This is a worsted boucle, so it's the same weight as my main color, and it's got some texture. I also have a TON of it and would love to use it up. Might not be white though.

Black and Yellow, for the belt.

I would love to get it done before taking our Christmas card photo, but we'll see.