Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Sweaters!

So many babies lately! Baby Caleb (Troy+Becky) was born right before Christmas and Baby Dominick (Andrea+Ricky) was born just before New Year's.

   Photo: Dominick is 1 week old and going strong!

It was a good thing I was trying to get all my knitting projects before the New Year (new, bigger, non-knitting project on the horizon!), because one of these babies came early!

For baby Caleb, I nixed the idea of combining Packers and Vikings (a little too complicated) and went with a simple Notre Dame jacket. The special touch is the shamrock applique, which is SO CUTE!!! They also got a simpler Golden Dome hat ... I didn't have the patience to do the brim fanciness.

Notre Dame Baby Jacket

Notre Dame Baby Jacket

Notre Dame Baby Jacket

Golden Dome Hat

Baby Dominick got the real prize. Ricky is a huge LSU fan, and his nursery is completely decked out.

Of course I went with a Letterman Jacket (I can practically do this pattern in my sleep now).

LSU Baby Jacket

Oh, it looks like an ordinary sweater in the LSU colors, right?

LSU Baby Jacket
Wait WHAT!?!?!?!

I took the LSU logo and gridded it up!

LSA Sweater

This was so complicated, but I came out so good!

LSU Baby Sweater

LSU Baby Jacket

LSU Baby Jacket

I had to have so many balls of the same color, or else the back would have been even crazier! Also, this was a great time to learn to weave in ends correctly!

I really liked doing this more complicated pattern, and there MAY be another Domer baby headed someone's way soon (not me, keep your panties on people). Maybe a little leprechaun?