Saturday, January 12, 2013

Green ... ish

I spent the morning stashing some yarn. It's been a while (shakes fist at baby!), and after a few big projects our bookshelf was covered with about 30 partial skeins of every color I have.

Then I realized I didn't know which yarn was which. Is this White the Vanna or the RedHeart? And these two white don't look like the same white. 

And then I came across this ...


How many greens does one person need? And mind you, these were only the greens that sort of looked similar (in my dimly-lit living room) ... there are WAY more on the shelf.

I realized I had to do a better job keeping track. But how to do track a little ball of yarn?


With little scraps of paper of course.

Now my yarn shelf is all pretty.


Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Pinks, and Purples

Greens and Blues

Whites, Browns (which still need a little organizational love), Blacks, and Grays

Odd Sizes, Weights, and Textures

The husband is much happier now.