Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big news!!!

No, I'm not pregnant ... why doesn't everyone keep asking me that?

We're MOVING!!! Like for real moving. Away away. The husband got a new job and we're packing up and moving back to Massachusetts. I quit my job.

holy hell, I quit my job. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!

I'm gonna do the mom thing until we're settled, then I'll pick up my Childbirth Ed stuff where I've left off (which is almost done! More on that bit of craftiness later). I have some freelance stuff in the works too.

But for the first few months or so, I'm going to be Rowan's Momma, LLC. Full time, no benefits (except hugs, I guess). But guess what you guys, Pinterest is just bursting with all those awesome moms and all the adorable educational shit they do with their kids all day. I could BE one of those moms! Also, I'm always complaining that the SAHMs have all the cool activities to themselves, like Toddler Yoga that's only allowed at 11am on Tuesdays when the rest of us are working. I'm about to infiltrate that secret society of daytime parenting ... I'll report back if I discover anything unsavory.

So yes, stay tuned for:
1) posts about moving and how I'm awesome at it.
2) posts about figuring out crafty things to do with my kid for 8 hours a day.
3) posts about knitting Christmas gifts for everyone because we can't afford to buy Christmas gifts this year because I just quit my job ... seriously, who does that?

Or no posts at all because I'll be taking care of that kid all day. He's kind of a handful. Though my first plan of attack is to set him up with a day planner. We'll make sure to schedule "blogging" in there. Also naps. For me.