Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas Brainstorming

So this year it's even more important that I make people Christmas gifts. We're moving, Chris is taking a pay cut, and I just quite my job. Oh and we have to sell our apartment, so every month we still own it and are paying rent somewhere else, we'll be taking a loss. So hand-made gifts it is. (Another plus, if I say "Hey I need ALL my yarn with me because I'm making all our christmas presents!" I won't have to pack it up and put it in storage. Win Win.)

Some ideas ...

I came across this pattern, and it was so easy and adorable:

I made myself some in about two evenings.

So easy and very customizable. My mom has already said she wants a pair. And I think I can play with the basic design and make some pretty funky variations ...

Shark Socks. cute gift idea for Josh/Wendy

"oh, I love your boots."

Dad has started fishing, and did you know that a Fisherman's Rib is a thing? It's really warm and thick. Thinking a hat, with some rustic, manly yarn, and maybe a funky decrease.

I found an almost done scarf in my stash that I think I can finish and give to Mom.

It's a really pretty Garden Lattice sort of pattern, and I had always intended to put little flowers on the ends and make it look like a garden.

Our Garden: 5

My Garden 008

summer vine

It was fun to pick it up again after several YEARS of hibernation and try to remember how to do the stitch! And since then I've been pinning some cute flower patterns, so I should able to do those pretty quickly.

This site has a couple different flower patterns.

As always, bags are a good option. I've had my eye on these for a while.

crochet bag

granny square bag

I've also had my eye on these. Crochet a lace patter, put fabric stiffener (or glue or sugar solution) and shape around a bowl.

lace bowl (stiffen with sugar water!)

crochet bowls

And for little people ... Mrs. Kinne, look away now.











My friend Emily had given Ro a bunch of knitted/felted play foods, and he LOVES them! I want to give something like that to a certain little girl whose mother is itching for some imaginative play.

crochet food