Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthdays ... uhg

I'm feeling so much UHG about the kiddo's upcoming birthday. First, he'll be 3 years old, which is like, what? No ... what? But, like, .... what? I'm having a hard time with it.

Second, I won't actually get to celebrate his birthday on his birthday. I am having Radioactive Iodine treatment on the 11th, after which I will need to be quarantined from the entire human race for 3 days. Just me and my Netflix and my knitting and painful salivary glands. Which, don't get me wrong, I'm am looking forward to -- also not having an overactive thyroid, which sucks, let me tell you. But the fact that I don't get to do birthing things with him, that sucks even more.

Finally, he'll be three. Wait, I already said that. It deserves saying again. He'll be three. He was never a terrible two-year old, but all of a sudden, as Three starts to peer around the corner, he's turned into this ... well ... toddler! UHG! He's such a ... TODDLER!!! He doesn't listen to reason, he doesn't want to do what I tell him to do, he's gone from only freaking out at me in the privacy of our own home to freaking out at me wherever we happen to me, which usually means there are other people around who, you know, notice the small child flailing around on the floor and the mother trying to keep her cool.

But anyway ...

Birthday things. Probably the weekend before. Which is fine, he can't read a calendar ... yet. He can tell time, and use a mouse (not that that's relevant to reading a calendar, he just happened to learn that today).

Themes ...

He's a big fan of the Mo Willems Pigon books (Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, the Pigeon Finds a Hotdog, etc.), and sometimes they talk about hotdogs. Because hot dogs are awesome. In Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late he dreams about a Hot Dog Party. So we could do that.
I've also been knitting Pigeon Hats and putting them on Etsy, so he's used to A LOT of pigeons around the house.
Pigeon Hat (8)

So we could have a Hot Dog Party. Only problem is we don't have a grill, and if you're going to cook 800 hotdogs for a party, it would be nice to have them on a grill.

Even though he likes his hot dogs cold now. Yuck. Apparenty my brother used to do the same thing when he was little.

But maybe the food isn't important.

Cake. now CAKE is important.

Thinking I could do a bus-shaped cake and draw the pigeon in the window.
School bus cake.  Made it for a child's birthday party.

Or a pigeon-shaped cake (but that pan might be hard to find, for free)
pigeon cake made for Mo Willems

Or just a regular cake with a pigeon drawn on it ...
Adorable Mo Willems Pigeon themed Birthday Party.

Or ...
Mo Willems' The Pigeon Cake Pop 1
too ambitious? He would just love them.

God I love pinterest.

Pigeon from TP roll

pigeon birthday party, such cute ideas!  From the book "don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

pigeon hand print

Mo Willems Pigeon Theme Birthday Party Printable by CiciandBobos, $28.00

So simple.
And we could do games like Pin the Pigeon on the bus, or whatever. Toss the pigeon into the thing. Don't let the pigeon do something. Nothing over the top, because this might just be the grandparents. We don't have very many little friends at the moment.