Sunday, April 13, 2014

Don't Let the Pigeon Wear Your Hat

We're a little obsessed with Mo Willems around here. We've got almost all the Pigeon books, a few Elephant and Piggy books, and several late fees from the library for all the other ones we borrow. Ro's third birthday party was a Pigeon-themed Hot Dog party. We spent a Saturday last month at the Eric Carle museum accosting Elephant and Piggy.


And I can't seem to stop knitting Pigeon hats.

Pigeon Hat (19)

And Duckling hats.

Duckling Hat (25)

And Pigeon dolls.


Mostly because people won't stop ordering them. And asking for them. They were my first sale on Etsy.

I do love that I am contributing financially to our family's budget ... or at least funding my yarn shopping allowance.