Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dad's Birthday?

I came across this post today on the Craftzine blog:

My Dad is a physician, and I thought it would be cute to make something like this for his office. In 3rd grade, my class did a series of drawings of the different systems in the body (Respiratory, Circulatory, etc.) , and he framed and them and still has them up in his office. Some of his patients still ask about "Little Mollie who drew those pictures" . . . and dad has to tell them that little Mollie drew those pictures nearly 20 years ago! He told me recently that he actually refers to them a lot, especially the Respiratory system picture, because it is so simple. Many of the pictures in his books are so complicated that he doesn't like to use them to explain things to patients; the clear and simple drawings are better for explaining problems ("See this big valve here? This is the part that's not working correctly.")
Maybe he would like something more modern (albeit, less helpful) from "little Mollie".
Maybe a heart, with all the valves (great for bright colors!); like a flattened version of this:
or this

Now the question is: do I attempt to make this for father's day (June) or his birthday (October)?