Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Home Craftiness

So I've discovered Virtual Painting on It's kind of amazing.

Upload a photo, mark off the different areas of the room -- wall, trim, accent, etc. -- and then drag and drop different colors and see what it looks like!

For example: My Living room now . . .

Living Room

I marked off the ceiling, the top and bottom of the walls, and the trim of the shelves and the chair rain I want to put in,

I played with colors, and now I have the names and numbers of the colors I like for when I go to the store.

Living room1b

I can also contrast and compare different layouts. Like below, the radiator is brown, instead of blue.

Living room1c

I also want to paint all our random bookcases. We have these great built in shelves along one wall, and I'm hoping to use that space for my fancy yarn storage.