Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It doesn't count as sewing ...

I do this a lot. I have a whole board full of super cute patterns for little girl dresses and diaper bags and all sorts of shit. And I have two boxes full of fabric and scrap clothes and stuff, just WAITING to be turned into something amazing.

170+ Bags, Purses, Pouches & Backpack Tutorials! I'll probably never make any, but I'm pinning this anyway!

But instead I'm at my desk at work. And whenever I'm home the child is there and in the way. I can't even plan out anything with him there -- he wouldn't even let me put a safety pin in my own shirt this morning. So the only time I am home without the baby is 1) if I'm sick, 2) if I take a day off, and 3) on the weekend when the baby is napping.

So the problems with the above scenarios -- 1, if I'm sick I am sick, and REALLY sick if I actually took the day off. Like vomiting or unconscious or something.
2, this would work. But most days I take the day off is for running errands or doing to the doctor and going out of town. I guess I could take the day off for the sole purpose of crafting. that would be awesome.
3) baby only naps for 45 minutes. Every once in a while he'll go an hour or 3, but that's usually at an inopportune time, like when we need to leave in 5 minutes, or when we've just arrived at the grandparents'. While it's been done, it's hard to get anything done while the baby is sleeping.

Asleep in the Back Carry

So until I'm rich enough to quit my job, or until the baby is not a baby anymore, I will continue to pin things and stash fabric. (OH! Also, I totally scored a $40 armoire on craigslist that will become my crafting closet!!! SO PSYCHED!)