Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tank Top Bag

Via Pinterest:

TO DO: Dig out the old "retired" tank tops and make some of these really cute totes

Mine's not quite as cute or different looking, but it's done.

I have a big box of clothes that done fit. I'm not quite "Old Navy" shape anymore. I've got momma boobs and grown-up lady hips, and while I've lost the baby-weight and more, I'm just not the same shape anymore. Big whup. Weight is just a number. But I'd like to have clothes that fit. My former Old Navy clothes have two problems -- L tops fit the boobs but swim on the shoulders and arms, M tops are too tight on the boobs but fine everywhere else. Tops that fit both the boobs and the shoulders are too short on the stomach (because of the bobs). I've always had a problem with pants -- 10 is fine on the hips, but sags on the ass; 8 is great on the butt, muffin-tops on the hips.

While I search the web for "clothes big boobs thin" and filter through the porn hits, I'm trying to figure out what to do with that box of clothes. Some tops that are too big I could take in on the waste -- I've done that on a few tank tops this summer. I have a few things Pinned and it doesn't seem hard. The tops that are too short, however, will either be donated or sent to the fabric stash (while it's reasonable to believe that I could lose weight and fit into smaller pants someday, it's unlikely that my boobs will shrink enough to fit some of these tops again -- not if my nursing toddler has anything to say about it).

So part of my daily pinning has been sewing patterns. I found the above a few weeks ago, and when I went through my closet today for filled that infamous box, I found a few things that might work.

I loved this shirt. It was so sweet and summery, but it's gathered at the bottom and rides up now that I have functional boobs. It seemed like a good candidate for the tank-to-bag conversion.

Step 1: Turn inside out and fold so the tank straps are together like handles.


Step 2: Sew along bottom and shape as needed (I didn't fold up to make pockets, this one was a little too short).


Step 3: Turn right-side out and go shopping.



Rebecca said...

You will probably be unsurprised to hear that there is a blog community for this problem! (a problem I share...) Hourglassy, Invest in Your Chest, and Thin and Curvy are all blogs I follow. The LJ thirtytwod community is also sometimes helpful.

MollieH-C said...

Wait seriously?! See THIS is why I keep you around!!