Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Brainstorming

Oh boy, there are so many babies coming soon! I have a running list in my phone that I just add to when someone else tells me there's a new family member cooking.

Baby Eleanor (Kerri + Dan) is making her way out soon.

Baby Rana from Nickelodeon is coming in October, along with another that I probably shouldn't know about.

November finds baby boy Porter and baby girl Guerrero.

December brings baby boy Androlli.

January brings one more that hasn't been officially announced, so I will list no names here.

Now I have to decide who gets real presents and who gets BRU gift cards.

Obviously baby Eleanor is super special and will continue to be the recipient of all my creative juices. So far she has ...

Princess Leia Hooded Towel

Princess Leia Hooded Towel

Rebel Washcloth

I have so many more ideas for a cutie little girl that needs spoiling ...

Little grey spring dress, someone needs to have a little girl

Knitted Jacket

Rows 'o Ruffles Dress

And baby Androli probably needs to having something fun (and I don't think his parents read this anyway, so here goes ...)

Dad went to Notre Dame, so the sweater I've made a few times would be a good choice.

Notre Dame Jacket - Logo Intarsia

But Mom and Dad seems to argue over NFL teams, Vikings and Packers. I love the idea of a half and half jacket or jersey.

Half Packers, Half Vikings?

And there is a nifty website that will convert images to a knitting pattern grid,

Mystery January baby is also the offspring of sports-fan parents ... Yankees, Saints, LSU. I have some ideas, but it will probably have to wait until baby is announced.