Monday, September 1, 2014

Learn something new

T-1 day until the kiddo goes to preschool. And since I'm a slacker and don't have a real job -- instead deciding to go on the Wonder Woman track and have 6 jobs -- I'm taking time to actually learn some good techniques to make my knitting look better.

Just this week I've learned ...

Corrugated Ribbing, where you change colors ribbing to make vertical stripes. Tip: When carrying the yarn across the back, keep it loose so there's room for the ribs to stretch. Also, if you wrap the yarn the same way every time, it makes a very neat pattern on the wrong side (though it does mean you have UNwrap it more often).

Cast on Ribbing. I thought I knew how to do this, but it turns out my made-up way is not actually the right way. This way (where you insert your needle IN BETWEEN the stitches (instead of through the front loop) makes a very nice, stretchy rib and a clean edge -- great for mittens and hats. Also a 2x2 rib variation here.

Jogless Stripes in the Round. I swear I look this up every time (for knitting and crochet) and never remember how to do it.

Attaching Granny Squares. My Granny Square Christmas Tree Skirt is almost done ... just have to attach all the squares together. Uhg. I like the Invisible stitch, because it's, well, invisible. And it won't add any volume to the skirt, since it's already HUGE!