Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another baby gift down

Today I finished my gift for Baby Margaret: a Seamless Baby Kimono and matching baby socks.

Seamless Baby Kimono (1)

Unisex Baby Socks (3)

The Kimono is the same pattern I used for Baby Girl Coyle, with some slight variations. I realized about half-way through that I was going to run out of the pink yarn, so I started over and added a turquoise trim around the neck, and added a turquoise "sash" around the middle and omitted the tie belt.

The socks were modified from the Unisex Socks pattern from Benevides and Milles's The Sock Knitting Kit; same basic pattern, just smaller. I really like this book/kit; it came with the turquoise yarn and a set of size 2 dpns. The instructions are sometimes unclear in places, but after the first time making a pair of socks, I understand the wording better and find them very thorough.