Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Kimono and Booties

Baby Kimono and Booties

Baby Kimono (1)

Baby Flower Booty (1)

Originally I intended to give this to my college friend Elynor, who is due with her baby girl on May 20. But I realized that my other friend Laurie is due on April 29, so I adjusted the priority list and this adorable baby kimono will be shipped out to Laurie, John, and baby girl Coyle this afternoon.

The "Seamless Kimono Sweater" comes from designer Jacki Kelly, and can be found here. It's done all in one piece, and is so easy. And the flowers are precious.

The booties are from a pattern I modified a while back, which can be found here (I added a k2p2 rib starting after row 22.