Saturday, April 17, 2010

New baby project

So I have been brainstorming a gift for new baby boy Curtin. Mom and Dad went to Notre Dame with my husband, who suggested making a Notre Dame letterman jacket, like the Steelers Jacket I made for baby Kay+Rob last month.

"Oh! That's actually a great idea!", I said to him this evening. "Well," he replied a little sheepishly, "that's what I really want for our baby eventually." Awww!

So, I will probably use the same Top Down Reglan Baby Sweater pattern with an ND monogram logo and maybe "Notre Dame" across the back.

Here are pictures are of the modern letterman jackets at Notre Dame.

The blue arms, however, make it look more like a regular windbreaker than a sports jacket. The old-fashioned jackets, like these:

are more iconic.
Luckily, I already have a great "gold" yellow color in my stash, and Vanna's Choice makes a great Navy color.

I think I'll put the monogram on the back the way I did for the Steelers Jacket. If there is room on the front, I might add a clover or a little felted leprechaun.

notre dame jacket