Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday gift brainstorm: Day 2

Ok, change of plans. Apparently she doesn't like Stitch as much anymore. I figured as much -- that was definitely a year ago, and when you're only 2, a year ago is literally half a lifetime ago.

Evidently she likes Elmo.

Sigh. Can I rant about Elmo for a minute?

I HATE ELMO!!!!!!!

Ok, I don't actually hate Elmo, I just think Elmo is a little big for his red furry britches. He's just EVERYWHERE! What kid DOESN'T like Elmo?! Seriously! I refuse to add to the noise that is Elmo!

But I guess she also likes Abby Cadabby, which is more tolerable. (plus it helps that her hair is made out of yarn)

So the question is, what do I make?

A hat:

A headband:

A Poncho!

(ok, I don't think I have time for a poncho, but how cute is that!?)

I think I'm going to go with a hat (maybe mittens if it goes quickly). And look what I found:

It's a hat with holes for little girl pigtails!!!

Ok, so what do I need?

Pink, obviously. Maybe a light pink for the "body" and a brighter pink for the hair. And I don't have any purple.
Click to view detail of 860-101

Click to view detail of 860-143

Click to view detail of 860-146

I have a really cool purple Fur that I picked up in the dollar bin at Target. Not good for the bulk of the hair, but might look cool around the trim.

Eyes and Eyelids:

Nose and Ribbing (?):

There are little white and yellow flowers around the pig-tails:

[to see the outcome, go here!]