Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday gift brainstorm


Miss Braelyn will be 2 in February.

Big Happy Family Christmas 2010

To my recollection, she loves Lilo and Stitch (I mean, who doesn't?). Especially Stitch.

How cute would it be to make a Stitch hat with ears, a la

Knitted Stitches exist, like this one from theknittycat:

But I can't seem to find a hat pattern. Oh well, that's never stopped me before!

What I want:

I want the ears to stick up like this:


And I would love Stitch to be chewing on her head, like this:

And I would love to create the "blank confused stare" look on his face, rather than an angry, biting face.

not this:

My sketch:

Basic Pattern:

This looks promising, and it made a good note to make the head part a little shorter than normal so you don't teeth in your eyes.

This also looks good, plus the pattern has already been resized for kids (the designer also asks for a donation to the Child Cancer Foundation, which I think is a completely reasonable and honorable charge for a pattern).

I would need to then craft the eyes, nose, teeth, and ears, which I think I can just attach separately.

Yarn Check:

Light Blue, for around the eyes (have).

Blue, for majority (have).

White, for teeth (have).

Black, for eyes (have).

I don't have any Dark, Dark Blue for the nose, but I know Vanna has a great Navy color.

I'm also out of pink, so it wouldn't hurt to pick up some more:

So I only need to get two! That's pretty good I think! Bless you, Ravelry, for allowing me to access my stash online.